Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Birthday!

Dear Little Buddy,

Happy 1st birthday! You did it, angel!

What a year it has been, too! We had so much fun getting to know you. You're definitely the happiest baby I have ever met, so full of joy and smiles that anyone who meets you remarks on it immediately!

You are such a Brooklyn baby. Sleeping through sirens (usually), passing out on the subway with all sorts of people around you, cruising around the Hot Bird! with any of your uncles and aunties holding your arms up, and wearing all of the latest fashions including the hippest little red sandals ever made!

I try to take time every day to just look at you. You're so freaking cute. Your little feet are the best thing I have ever seen, hands down, I mean they are one of the wonders of the world to be sure. Your eyebrows - early on I was accused of plucking and shaping them. I don't but, honest! Oh and Monster Face. Every single person you do it to, me, your papa, your nanny, random people on the subway, immediately does it right back to you. I bet you have that look on your face in your first grade picture.

I love to hold you in my lap and try to hang on to you as you try to squirm away to go bang on papa's TV. I love to follow you around the house and crack up as you laugh triumphantly.

Listening to you in the bathtub is pure joy.

You are the best baby on earth and I am so, so lucky to have you.

I love you very much. And your papa does, too.



Randi said...

Happy one year anniversary of becoming a mother, Cod. You're doing a bang up job.

Hung said...

Wow what a great year it's been-Happy Birthday Sasha!!!

liz ly said...

Happy Birthday Sasha! You are too cute and your parents love ya so much. Good luck with the move guys and can't wait to see ya'll in Callie.

Grama Paula said...

Happy Birthday Sasha!
Love, Grandma Paula

Anonymous said...

Dear Sasha:

Happy B day. Your smile is worth a million dollars. I can't wait to hold you and read you a story so that you can stare at me when you and your family gets to Cali.

Love, Grandpa Hari

P.S. Have a safe trip you all. I will see you at the airport on Friday.

Ang said...

happy birthday dear baby girl. so glad you came into this world a year ago. can't wait to see you soon!:)

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Sashimi! Can't wait for to come home to Cali! See you soon!


Uncle Ois