Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Man oh man is New York ever nice in the springtime!

Obviously the closer I get to leaving the more I am realizing just how much I am going to miss this place. Here are a few things from the last 24 hours that I noticed and thought to myself, I will miss that in Cali:
  • This morning I was waiting for the train with this young woman, probably early 20s, Afro-American with the hottest outfit I have seen in ages - super tight tight jeans, bitchin fancy top, hot little jacket, crazy high heeled shoes - and amazing hair. She just looked like Brooklyn incarnate.
  • I got off the train and went to Joe's coffee, then picked up a perfectly toasted bagel and walked back to work through the West Village, enjoying the beautiful people dressed for the springtime and the lovely trees with their green leaves and blooming flowers.
  • Listening to NY1 this morning, they asked about the new rent hike and this man on the street gave this totally profound answer about all the different ways the world was getting more expensive from meat to milk to gas, but what are you gonna do? There are really no solutions and you just have to pay up. It was sort of a perfect answer, delivered in one of the many accents native to this land.

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