Monday, April 18, 2011


  1. Buddy was totally well this weekend! For the first time in four weekends! Hoorah!
  2. She is also almost 10 months old! Wow! Big girl.
  3. We took it pretty easy this weekend, watched some Yankee games. On Saturday we had an open house because my landlord is selling our place and during that time I went to see the twinsies. Later that day me and Babe went and had a beer or two at the Pacific Standard. With the buddy, who was napping in her stroller.
  4. Sunday we took a couple of walks during the day and then went to our pals house for dinner. It was really nice! They are two really nice people and I like them a lot. Buddy was so cute at dinner, she basically clapped the whole time. HEE.
  5. Our time in NYC is drawing to a close. We have eleven weeks left here! I have six and a half weeks of work left. Holy shit!

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