Monday, April 11, 2011


  1. First weekend that princess wasn't sick in the last three. Though she definitely has a stuffy/snotty nose. Sigh. But she didn't get that until Sunday evening, so I'm not going to count it as being on the weekend.
  2. Speaking of buddy, she's nine months and a week! or two?
  3. This weekend, we took buddy to her first baseball game. Unfortunately it was to see the Mets, but it was still fun. We got there around inning three and left around inning eight. Funny. We left home right after her first nap, then left the game right before her next nap. Cute.
  4. Babe and I celebrated fifteen years by going to a delicious dinner at The Farm on Adderly. We also had a drink beforehand at the Sycamore bar. Both of these are in a different neighborhood from where we live, so we really felt like we were getting away. Plus we had dinner and talked to each other for two hours or so. God bless Nina who watched buddy for us so we could go to dinner for the first time since Christmas. It's April.

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