Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Numbers - Post 2001 A Space Odyssey!

  1. Buddy will be ten months in three days. She has eight teeth and appears to be recovering from that last sickness, which was her fourth in four weeks. She slept better last night and is playing happily.
  2. We took a trip down to Baltimore on Sunday! Babe drove the three hours there and back and we had a really good time. It was Buddy's first Yankee game and that stadium was tremendous. I mean just really super awesome. Plus the Yankees won, which was terrific!
  3. It was neither of our first time in Baltimore (well, it was Buddy's) but it was our first time there together. It's a down and out city, with beautiful architecture new and old and a ton of super poor people.
  4. We gave buddy her Easter basket and I had my first piece of candy in forty days! Go on lent.
  5. We have two months left in Brooklyn! Holy shit.
  6. Neither one of us has a job. Jeepers!

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