Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Babe!


Randi said...

Softly killing me. Three cheers to one of the best couples in z'verld.

Ma said...

Happy Anniversary Mike and Cod!
I`ll never forget the first time he came to our house when we lived in Oxnard. Who would have known then that you guys would get hitched and we would have that beautiful little Sasha who is crawling all over the place now and keeping her ma on her toes.
Love, Ma

Anonymous said...

Dear Caroline, Mike and Sasha,

Your picture makes you look so young, especially you Mike. When you got together in Oxnard with us I was just finishing the Library School and now I am ready to retire. The time has flown by so fast that its hard to believe you met 15 years ago. It seems like it was just last year. Happy Anniversary.

I am glad Sasha is doing well and hopefully you all are getting some sleep.

Love, Dad, Hari and Grandpa

Sam said...

Congrats Kids! Nice work! Looking forward to another 15 in Cali!