Friday, April 08, 2011

Haiku Friday

My baby hates sleep.
She cares not for food, either.
Whose baby is she?

Her dad loves sleep more
that anyone else I know.
What's that all about?

I love food. Making,
talking about, eating it.
Someone explain it.


Randi said...

She's a rebel and she'll never ever be any good. She's a rebel cuz she never ever does what she should. But just because she doesn't do what everybody else should, that's no reason why you can't give her all your love.

I modified some song lyrics for you. Happy Friday, hodie.

Ang said...

How much did she not sleep last night?

MIL said...

ahhhhhh yes, dad sleeps NOW to make up for the first 3 years of staying awake ALL night! :~)