Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • Seems like buddy's ear infection is gone. Her eyes are a little leaky at nights but I think that's cleared up too. Hopefully this is it for awhile.
  • She's crawling which is AMAZING. I got so used to her being over there when I put her over there and now she's right here when she used to be over there. What a nut job. She is one strong willed little child too and boy does she tell you when she doesn't like what you're doing (you know, like walking away from her to get yourself more coffee or something like that).
  • Perhaps Springtime has arrived? I mean it's in the fifties and raining so that seems more like Spring than Winter?
The Bad
  • As long as Princess stays well, I'm going to say not much bad going on.
The Ugly
  • That eye infection was NASTY dude. Princess Buddy wanted to show her mom and dad that she is capable of sharing fluids out of every possible orifice of her body. Next? Belly button and fingertips.


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Can't wait to see her crawl!