Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The funniest book I have ever read

I am so excited that I impulse purchased Tina Fey's Bossypants the other day when I was at the Barnes and Noble spending my Groupon. (Groupon - pay $10 for a $20 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.) This article has a few funny excerpts but I think you should just go out and buy it. It costs like $20 and you will laugh so hard your shoulders will shake and people will move away from you on the subway because they think you are a crazy person.

For example, Ms. Fey is talking about being on a cruise:

"In the event of an emergency, it is the entertainers who are in charge of the lifeboats. Because the rest of the crew has actual nautical duties, the kids from Fiesta Caliente are trained to man the lifeboats. If you ever have to get on a lifeboat, the person in charge of your safety will likely be a nineteen-year-old dancer from Tampa who just had a fight with his boyfriend about the new Rihanna video. James also told me that each lifeboat has a gun on it and that once a lifeboat is in the water, the performer-lifeboat captain is trained to shoot anyone who is disruptive. This is apparently legal in accordance with maritime law."

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Randi said...

Yeah I gotta get it. Too bad Borders shut down.