Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I think it would be hard for me to be more connected.
  • I recently joined Twitter (username: coodence, of course) so I could keep track of that snake who escaped from the Bronx Zoo.
  • I of course have this blog here that has been my trusty friend for the past six years.
  • I frequent Facebook and though I don't frequent it with the verve of some friends I check it often enough that I know what about fifty people are doing at any given time.
  • I have now only two email addresses that I regularly use - my gmail and my work email. I have long since left behind hotmail and yahoo, but I still have them in case. In case of what?
  • I joined Linkedin because I will be on the job market soon.
  • My phone has gchat on it, so my green light is always on.
  • I have a bad-ass, television sized smart phone that has everything I could ever need on it, from you tube (of which I am also a member) to yelp (another spot where I write reviews occasionally).
  • So, hey if you need to find me, you know where to go.


Randi said...


Ma said...

funny, Cod. You should tell your readers what they named that snake.

Jessica said...

I wondered if you were on Twitter. Off to find you.