Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buddy Day?

Turns out today is also buddy day! She has a cold that kept her and I up all night last night, so I couldn't stand the idea of her going to daycare and of me having to take her out in the rain and on the subway. Plus, Babe is sick so he stayed home so then I knew I would be able to take a nap.

What on earth is going on with my buddy?! She sure is going to have a superstar immune system.

Anyways so today I took a long nap with her to make up for last night, played a lot on the rug, (she's totally fine, just has a stuffy nose and kind of a gnarly cough), made food for me and babe to eat and then bundled her in the stroller and went to Target. I've also been furiously trying to get work done throughout the day - what a joke.

Raining, pouring, old man is snoring.

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Ang said...

Hope she and Mike feel better dude!