Monday, March 28, 2011


  1. Buddy is nine months old today. Picture to follow.
  2. She got her first real sickness this past weekend. I mean, Buddy has been sick before (twice in fact) and she has coughed and sneezed and felt poopie, but she has never had a fever! She had a stomach bug that was terrible and I was so sad and she was so sad and it was so hard to take care of her. I felt so bad and she felt so bad and it was so hard. She is on the up and up now. She hasn't had a fever since Saturday.
  3. Ang is here, she came on Thursday. We took a walk around the nabe on Friday and then went to Manhattan to stay at Auntie Nine's since she has a two bedroom. It ended up being where we took care of sick buddy for two days. Definitely the worst weekend of my life.
  4. Today I stayed home from work to keep watching buddy. Ang is here to help and we'll take a walk later, bundle buddy up and go outside. It's 28 degrees outside. Where oh where is the Spring?

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Randi said...

Sounds ROUGH, hodie! Dang.