Tuesday, March 08, 2011


  1. Babe and I had a nice three day weekend, with the buddy of course. Just the three of us!
  2. We went to Wisconsin, took a two hour flight and a two and a half hour drive. Buddy was terrific on all modes of transportation. I sure did sing a lot though.
  3. Got to see Grama and Great Grama. That was very nice. Stayed at the Casino and Babe won twenty dollars. WHOA.
  4. Oh! Buddy is eight months and two weeks old today.
  5. She still doesn't sleep through the night but she is waking up less frequently. Like two times or three times but not five times.
  6. It was freezing in Wisconsin, but it's nice here in NYC. By nice I mean in the 40s, for you Californians out there. Yup. 40s is nice. That's how we roll out here.
  7. Digging March so far. I think it's a good month for being in the swing of things. My March list is really long though, for both work and life. It's only the 2nd week, but I hope I can pull everything off.

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