Monday, March 21, 2011

Numbers! Post 1,963

  1. It was seventy degrees on Friday! We enjoyed some sangria at happy hour before taking princess home.
  2. Princess, by the way, is eight months and four weeks. What a little nugget of buddiness. She's working on her fifth tooth by the way. Boy was she howling when she woke up last night. Poor little mama.
  3. We took it pretty easy this weekend. Went and saw Nina for a while on Saturday, that was lovely. Princess cheered her up, which was nice. For once the G was running so we got into the City real, real easily.
  4. We had a couple beers at the Black Swan on Saturday evening/early afternoon. That was also nice and very moderate.
  5. Sunday we saw the twinsies! Two babies! And took a bunch of walks. It was beautiful, about the 40s or 50s so cold for the rest of the world but downright springlike for us.
  6. Raining, pouring, old man? Snoring. Saw it snow while I was in my nine am meeting. For reals. Seventy on Friday, snowflakes on Monday. Solomon Grundie.

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