Thursday, March 03, 2011

My story.

So, two moms walk into a bar.
It's Thursday at 4:30 in the afternoon.
The bar is empty, except for three people and a bartender.
Everyone looks to see who is coming through the door, as people do when there are only a few in the bar.
So one of the moms (ME!) says, "Oh hey! We're bringing our babies into this bar. Is that okay with you guys?!"
And the bartender says,
"Well, yeah, but I mean, if your baby starts crying, then you know."
and I looked at her and said:
and she said, "You know."
And I said, "What? Should I put her outside?"
And she said, "No, I mean don't put her outside, but you know, if she starts crying, you should, um you know, stop her from crying."
And so I said, "Are you sure? Are you sure I shouldn't just let her cry?"
And she said, "Um..ha?ha?"
And that's when my friend and I noticed that one of the three patrons at Washington Commons had his pug sitting at the bar. And I said:
"If your pug barks do you have to put him outside?"
And he said:
"No, only if its over 32 degrees!"
And I said:
"ME TOO! When it's warm enough, I just put her outside."


Besides being a mom, I also have a lot of friends and spend a lot of times and bars in Brooklyn and you should be nice and also? There were only three people in your bar. And also? My buddy never cried not once. UGH.


Genevieve said...

F-ing hipster bartenders. For the record I am fine with babies in bars. It starts to get ugly when they drink all my gin but other than that, it's coo.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the most child-friendly bars in the area (I personally have been part of a group with a child, and there's always babies on weekends). You behaved completely unreasonably towards a bartender who was making a perfectly reasonable request that you remove your kid if it started crying. I'm pretty sure the guy with the pug would've removed the pug had it started barking incessantly and pooping itself too. It's just common courtesy.

I wanted to leave a comment in case anyone saw this and made a decision not to go to a very friendly, well appointed, CHILD-FRIENDLY bar because of some overentitled monster causing a fuss.

Coodence said...

Get super mad, anonymous! If you are going to call me a monster (which I am not, just a woman), you should leave your name.

They are nice, particularly in the summer when lots of babies and peeps hang in the backyard.

That bartender was being lame and she knew it.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and call me a monster.