Monday, February 07, 2011


  1. What a game, huh guys?! WOW! That was a heart stopper. My pops called it on Saturday, he said this is the fifth time the Packers are in the superbowl and their fourth win. Good call pops!
  2. My little buddy is seven months and a week old today. Or something like that. She's ankle deep in her seventh month to be sure. And, she's working on her third tooth! No wonder she never sleeps through the night. Yeah, that's it!
  3. On Friday night, I came home early and went to bed early. Hung out with the Chach and the Bud and was in bed before ten.
  4. Saturday, we braved the rain to go have lunch and a beer or two over at the Black Swan. Buddy took a two hour siesta so me and her papa had a chance to chat it up. That was super nice.
  5. Saturday noche, two pals came over and we played Guitar Hero. That was only the second time the wii has been operational in the seven months the buddy has been in our lives.
  6. Sunday of course we watched the superbowl. We also took advantage of the forty plus degree weather and went for a stroll and went to Trader Joe's and the bookstore. What a beauty of a weekend!


Ma said...

What a beauty of a game. Yay Packers!
Love, Ma

Randi said...

And we chatted on Skype for the FIRST time with about THIRTY seconds of sound. LMAO

Sam said...

Congrats to the Bhallas! Packers deserved that Super Bowl victory. A Blue Collar year for a Blue Collar team. Notch one for Cal too, as Aaron Rodgers took down the MVP and officially launched the AR-ERA. Now, just don't get into trouble like the other Packers QB...