Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Numbers, one day late

  1. Princess is almost eight months old! Next Monday.
  2. We had a wonderful three day weekend. Friday night we took it easy, me and Babe. Had a beer or two on the terrace at work, went home and made dinner and hung out. Saturday, Princess Buddy took a three hour nap, thus enabling Mom and Dad to have lunch together at Smoke Joint and a couple of beers at the Pacific Standard. Saturday night we played video games and ate pizza. Yah. It was perfect.
  3. We had brunch with our two pals up from DC on Sunday. That was a treat. Princess Howler Monkey doesn't brunch often but she loves it. She even ate her little yogurt at the restaurant. SO CUTE.
  4. Sunday we went to a new spot called Fulton Grand for a beer or two and just hung out.
  5. Yesterday we had a date, just the two of us. We got a "breakfast melt" from Murray's - whatever you do don't call it an egg and cheese on a roll! Whatever you call it though it was amazing. We had Joe's coffee. We strolled through the village. We went to a movie. We went to the Blind Tiger. It was a perfect day.
  6. Last night, Princess only woke up twice! Wow!

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Ma said...

Sounds wonderful!
Love, Ma