Monday, January 31, 2011


  1. Princess turned seven months old on Friday. What a darling little lamb she is!
  2. She's still working on that second tooth. It's taking its sweet time.
  3. Took it easy on Friday night with the buddy. Babe worked, as usual. BAH! I was in bed my ten.
  4. Saturday, bottled beer. Well, I did very little. We had a beer bottling party with Irish themed foods. I made shepherds pie! Yum! We bottled about 42 bottles of beer.
  5. Sunday we had two pals over - good ole friends who are now expecting a baby! Hoorah! We had a nice brunch - I made a strata, recipe to follow, and a salad. They brought over this ridiculous apple bread.
  6. Checked out Roman's on DeKalb for one glass on Sunday evening. Nice way to end the weekend, with a toast.

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