Monday, January 24, 2011


  1. It's six degrees out. Yes, that trumps the age of my baby.
  2. Buddy is going to be seven months real soon. Friday, in fact!
  3. So far, over the course of her short but interesting life she has gone from waking ever two hours, to waking once a night, to waking twice a night, to waking every hour and a half to waking sometimes often. Ha! I know that doesn't make any sense, but neither does her sleeping schedule. She's getting her second tooth and boy does that shit piss her off.
  4. Did I mention it being six degrees outside?
  5. Frequent blog commenter Jessicurl is going to have a baby in less than two months, people. How exciting is that?! I look forward to meeting the little darling.
  6. Another blog commenter, Solanasaurus, got hitched a week ago. Mazel I say! They make a lovely couple.
  7. Old school blogging pals Drew and Michele are expecting their first baby! How exciting, indeed! Newsy, newsy, newsy.
  8. This weekend, we had a lovely brunch at our friend's new pad on the fifth floor of one of Brooklyn's many new buildings.
  9. Yesterday we had several people over to watch the Packer Game which was delightful and nerve-wracking. Feels like the 90s again with the Pack going to the superbowl!

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Randi said...

Another number: Casey is FIVE months old today. Hehe. Love our babies.