Monday, January 10, 2011


  1. First of all, I am really very upset about this congresswoman being shot and would like to talk with you all more about it, but numbers is not the place.
  2. I've totally lost track of weeks, as you've probably suspected, but Princess is well into her sixth month and absolutely thriving.
  3. She has her first cough, though. She's had a sniffly type of cold before, but she has that little kid cough right now. Oh just thinking about it makes my heart bleed.
  4. This weekend, we had about five people over to watch the Packers trounce the Eagles. That was a pleasure. It got a little dicey in the fourth quarter, but we won.
  5. We also attended a baby's first birthday party. That was very sweet.
  6. My friends brought over their one year old, too. What a weekend full of babies. And wine.

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Ang said...

I got to hold Jen's baby girl this weekend. She is a little younger then Sasha. It made me miss her so much. I am going to start looking for tickets to go out there.