Thursday, December 09, 2010

Yesterday's post

This was swimming around in my head yesterday but I never had a chance to write it out.
Living in NYC, some days you wake up and everything is perfect. You get outside and the weather is all crisp and pretty. You get down to the subway and the train gets there right when you do. You get to your transfer and BAM there's the other train. You get on and lo! there is a seat. When you get off the train, you go to get your coffee and the guy starts making it when you walk in the door because he knows what you want. You pick up a perfect breakfast sandwich for $1.25 at the bodega and off to work you go.
Yesterday was not one of those days. I got to the train, with my fifteen pound baby strapped to my chest and a winter jacket over the two of us, waiting for the G. Got to Hoyt Schermerhorn to transfer and saw about 46,000 people waiting for the train. Not a good sign. Train came, packed. Let that one go. This happened 4 times. It was me and the lady with the cane waiting to get on. I finally used the buddy to push our way onto the train, was thankfully offered a seat and off we went. En route, the train went from an A, which I was on, to an F, back to an A, back to the F. It took over an hour to make a commute that normally takes 30 minutes.
Buddy got a nice nap, though. But I was an hour late to work.

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Randi said...

Seriously? F*ck people that don't acknowledge the elderly and mothers with infants.