Monday, December 27, 2010


  1. Yesterday was Buddy's first Christmas!
  2. She's going to be six months old tomorrow. My goodness, how time flies!
  3. We missed the blizzard in NYC - something like 13 inches of snow and super fast winds. I love a good blizzard as much as the next person but I'm glad we aren't there. It's nice and dry here in Denver and hopefully the weather will clear up in San Diego before we get there.
  4. Babe got a snow day today! That means he can save one of his vacation days for use later.
  5. We had no trouble at all with our flight to Denver. I had to woop the United guys butt though because he kept saying we didn't have any seats, when clearly we had an email confirmation showing we had 21D and 21E. Oh United. Pieces of shit.
  6. Only four more days of 2010. A banner year this one. We'll talk more about highlights later.


Ang said...

Can't wait to see you all! It's really nice here today. I think it's supposed to be like that tomorrow too!

Randi said...

Pieces of shit.