Monday, December 20, 2010


  1. Princess buddy is on her fourth week of her fifth month. What a grown up little girl!
  2. This weekend, we went to my pal's baby's first birthday party. What a darling little boy her is!!
  3. Babe and I had a date! We went to the christmas party. $30 for pre party drinks. $80 for the nanny to watch the buddy. $30 for post party drinks. $36 for a cab ride home. Cost of getting dressed up in a black dress, heels and red lipstick to go on a date with husband? PRICELESS.
  4. Had a couple of friends over on Sunday to have a toast and some cheese before going to see the lights of Dyker Heights. Get excited for the pictures, people.
  5. Watched, over two days, Alice in Wonderland, the new one. I liked it just fine but I LOVED Helena Bonham Carter as the red queen. She couldn't be funnier, she just couldn't.
  6. Got my heartbroken watching the Packers Patriots game. I know I wasn't alone and that two people in San Diego, at least, were also very upset.

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Ma said...

We were very upset that they lost because they had ample opportunity to win!
When you come here you won`t have to pay $80.00 for babysitting. You will have plenty of us lined up ready to take care of little Buddy.
Love, Ma