Thursday, December 02, 2010

Buddy Day!

List to do
  • Hang out with the buddy.
  • Rest because I am still getting over a cold.
  • Dentist at 2pm to get my tooth filled after that root canal from a few weeks ago.**
  • See about hosting a coat drive at work.
  • Clean off the kitchen table which is surprisingly good at collecting random items. For example: a stack of holiday catalogues, a birthday present for Babe, a tablecloth from Syria.
  • Fresh Direct delivery.
  • Make dinner.
**Cancelled the appt due to being under the weather.


Babe said...

I like the new look of your blog.

Ang said...

Ditto to what Babe said.

Randi said...

Had no idea where I was just now, dig the new digs.

I told you yesterday to get well soon. You'd best listen to me.

Word verification: Dentosso aka where you're not going.