Monday, November 29, 2010


  1. How nice to have four days off! In a row! With Babe and the Buddy!
  2. Buddy turned five months yesterday, and her papa turned 33 years old!
  3. We celebrated Babe's birthday by going with about seven people to sushi. He loves the sush.
  4. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my pal Courtesy's house. She made dinner for about 14 people. Good lord! Little Buddy was the belle of the ball! She was so darling.
  5. We really hung out a lot, me and Babe and Buddy. We went for long walks, did housework, made good food, played. I wish every weekend could have one more day, at least.
  6. Our two pals came over and watched the Buddy so me and Babe could go watch Harry Potter 7 together. What a dream come true!! The movie was top notch.

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