Monday, November 08, 2010


  1. I think my buddy is 19 weeks today! Wow! What a big, grown up girl!
  2. We had a wee brunch/pot luck on Saturday for my 33rd birthday. It was lovely. About 10 or 12 pals were there, and at least five people brought different kinds of bread. It was a carb fest! I made two quiches, a sausage casserole and my fall fruit salad. Babe made a pumpkin bread.
  3. On Sunday, we watched 40,000 people go running by our apartment! It was the marathon, people! What fun. We got to see the professional people as well as the average joe's. We hung out outside, took photos, drank coffee. It was a really nice day.
  4. Then went for a walk up to our pals how are expecting twinsies. Two babies! And gave them some clothes. Cuz boy will they need them!
  5. Watched some of Harry Potter number six, so now I'm re-reading number seven.
  6. My buddy has changed her sleeping habits and no longer gets up only one time at night. She now gets up more times than that. I really hope this is temporary.


Randi said...

I can't wait for the new Harry Potter movie and every time I space out on the previews I feel like a bigger and bigger dork.

Sorry about the buddy, dude. Sleep. What a concept.

Ang said...

It will get better dude. How long has she been in the crib now?