Monday, November 01, 2010


  1. Little Buddy is four months now. I think 18 weeks?
  2. Babe put together her crib yesterday because she was fitting in her bassinet perfectly - like a piece of gum in a wrapper. Now, she's about an 1/8 the size of her crib.
  3. Due to her new crib, Little Buddy woke up four times last night instead of the usual one time. I guess we should've done this on Saturday, huh? So we had Sunday to recover? Silly mommy and daddy.
  4. Little Buddy's first Halloween was totally magical. Pictures to come soon. Grown up Sasha (GUS) was here for the weekend. She was the relish, to Babe's and my ketchup and mustard. Obviously Little Buddy was the hot dog.
  5. Friday after work we had a little party for my pal who is having two babies. TWO!
  6. Busy work week this week. Action packed. And I turn 33 tomorrow.

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Randi said...

Hooray for a GUS visit! Nice to have an additional condiment. My white ass could've been the onions.