Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Numbers - one day late

  1. Sasha is something to the tune of 21 weeks today. She'll be five months on Sunday. Her papa turns 33 on Sunday.
  2. This past weekend, we went to Nina's in the City. We hadn't seen her since August. She was also the first person Buddy met, besides the doctor and nurses.
  3. We also watched the California Golden Bears melt down to that team in the south bay. It reminded me of the four years I was in school, that's how we played.
  4. On Sunday we went to our pal's place who had brewed their own beer. We tried a beer (or two) and it was delicious!
  5. We put Buddy in the swing, for her second time and our first time. Want to see another picture? OKAY!

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