Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Misc. Items

  • The buddy is being weatherized. We got a sleeping bag type of thing for her stroller so she can be all toasty. Babe is getting a little suit today that goes over her clothes so when I take her to work she'll be all warm.
  • She's loving daylight savings time being over. We got up at five in the morning today! I realize some people, like my sister, do this on purpose. Get up at five that is. Me? Not so much.
  • They are doing construction on W. 3rd and so every morning they tear up the street and at the end of the day they put it back together again. It's like groundhogs day.
  • How 'bout those Steelers, huh?
  • Um, what else? My workplace is starting to feel like my own, I've got pictures up, the desk is all messy, and I've got various baby items strewn about.


Randi said...

We have one of those sleeping bag things to go over the car seat too... It made me laugh at first because it's been so warm but then the weather changed. I'm sure it will come in handy for dog walking. Brr! I'm up at six, EVERY DAY MISS JANET. I prefer seven. Haha

Christine said...

I've always wanted one of those sleeping bag things for myself. A walking snuggie, perhaps? LOL
And, um, yeah, it got cold suddenly! Brr!