Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thursday List

  • 9:30 Call with Sarah
  • Laundry
  • Test my strength, endurance and chutzpah by making a trip to Target
  • Go through bags of clothes
  • Make list of board members?
  • Get ready for CT
  • Sasha's Halloween costume
  • Love up the buddy and take care of her, making sure she gets good naps.
  • Mail in recalled Similac
  • Take it easy
  • Make two lasagnas, freeze one! Need a few things.

Target list:


Swiffer Pads

Murphy Oil Soap Wipes - behind the column

Milk storage bags


Black Garbage Bags

Frame for Nava's pictures

Frames for desk at work?


Bethany said...

you can do it!

Randi said...

Sounds like Target can knock out a bunch of that! God speed.