Monday, October 04, 2010


  1. My little buddy is fourteen weeks old today! You heard me! Fourteen weeks! What a big girl!!
  2. This weekend we went down to Sunset Park to a pal's studio on 33rd and 3rd Avenue, deep in Sunset Park. This was a trip-out neighborhood, with lots of live poultry for sale and other strange sights. We were visiting a friend's art studio - a friend of mine from CAL that I hadn't see in about thirteen years, until we ran into each other a few weeks ago. He knit a hat for Sasha. Cute.
  3. We had over our pals for dinner who are having twinsies. Two babies!!
  4. We went to Pacific Standard on Saturday and bought our first Growler.
  5. Yesterday, we got the best tacos I've ever had in NYC. We went to a bodega on 26th and 4th Avenue and ordered six tacos para llevar. But we should have ordered fifty because I could have eaten twenty five.
  6. Last night, Sasha woke up at 12, 4 and 6. I like it better when she just wakes up at 4. One day, though, I think she'll go all the way til 6. Babe took the 12, by the way.

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Randi said...

We went to bed at 7:30, up at 11:30, up at 4, up at 7. Sigh.