Monday, October 25, 2010


  1. First time I've ever missed Haiku Friday
  2. Little Buddy is Seventeen weeks today! She turns four months on Thursday!
  3. We took her on flights three and four this weekend. We took her to Oakland and saw a lot of our pals. Hooray! She did great on the flight to San Francisco, and the flight home was fine, too. She was a little fussier, but we had a seat between us (THANK GOD) so everything worked out well. It's such a journey to get home from the West Coast. We left the hotel at 645 am and got home at 645 pm.
  4. Went on our first date in four months because my parents came up and we went out to dinner. That was super freakin awesome.
  5. Hung out with BFF and her baby, Queso, this past weekend. He's very little, about half the size of my buddy and half as old. There were three babies, total, and one pregnant lady (20 weeks!) so it was very much a portrait in stages.
  6. Back to work - lots to do! Taking three days off for a conference leaves you sort of overloaded.


Randi said...

Yay on all accounts!

Jessicurl said...

I loved meeting all the babies and seeing all the ladies and the menfolk!