Monday, October 18, 2010


  1. Sasha is sixteen weeks old today! She's such a little champion!
  2. Work is so very hard. Sometimes I would like just not work anymore. Where's the number in that? I've been here for 8 years that's 1 too many, I think.
  3. This past weekend, I had a shower for my friend who's having not one but two babies! Hooray! I made two quiches and a delicious fall fruit salad, which I think you'll enjoy. Recipe to follow later this week.
  4. Watched a couple of baseball games this weekend, too. It was a bad sports weekend all the way around, though. What with the California Golden Bears playing like they were blindfolded.
  5. Yesterday we took it super easy. Went to the German Beer "Garden" in our neighborhood and also to Habana Outpost for a couple of Sixpoint Sweet Action! Hooray for lovely fall weather.

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