Monday, October 11, 2010


  1. Little Buddy is fifteen weeks today. I bet she's about fifteen pounds, too! Ha!
  2. We went to Connecticut this weekend to stay in my boss's country house. It's about 70 miles away. It took three hours to get there and about two to get back. Princess Howler Monkey really hated the first hour on the way there, then slept for the next two. On the way home, she was happy the whole way. While in the country, we mainly chilled out, took a walk in the town, listened to the Cal game on the radio. Sort of old-timey, except the radio was streaming through the world wide web.
  3. It's my fourth week back to work. I'm definitely getting used to it. I really like the nanny so that helps. I think about the buddy all the time, though. I think that's okay, too.
  4. I checked out "restorative yoga" yesterday at my old yoga studio, Bend and Bloom over on Fifth and Sackett. Man, it sure was restorative. You basically do pose after pose of chilling out. Right now it's only once a month but I will be going each time it is offered. It was like packing a whole night sleep into an hour and a half.
  5. I really need a manicure. It's been at least four weeks.

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