Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Good, bad and ugly - MTA version

  • Princess Buddy really likes the train. When she's awake, she looks around at all the peeps who can't resist her smiley face. When she's sleeping, the rocking of the train helps keep her sleeping on the way to work. We walked this morning to the C train, because without trying I always leave the house at exactly the same time on Wednesdays and Fridays and always just miss the G. It was a beauty of a morning, crisp and fall like, and Sasha stinkin loves the trees. I love the weather. I think fall is my favorite season.
  • It's pretty bad when the only person who offers you a seat when you're carrying an infant is an elderly lady reading her bible. I didnt' take it. I stood above a young man who was "sleeping" the whole way to Chambers Street. It's hard to be tired, huh?
  • When the buddy was a little more wee than she is now I was on the subway and carrying all sorts of bags. A seat freed up on the corner, the best for me and her so I can have free movement. The guy who was sitting next to that seat slid over into it, just as I was about to sit down. I asked him if I could there and he rolled his eyes and snorted. So I said, fine forget it, it's just that I'm HOLDING MY BABY. Anyways, he watched his little portable DVD all the way home and I stood over him. Sasha had mad gas that day and kept tooting and tooting all over the guy. Good girl.


ceedee said...

Arghh! I hate the whole "not giving up your seat" thing. How did your mom raise you, son? I ALWAYS try to give up my seat to the women with the childrens. Or the older people. Just seems nice, since the subway and bus drivers floor it every time we take off.
PS: Good girl, Sasha! Way to be :)

Nancy gurl said...

I remember when I was like 8 mos pregnant I was on the train w Jim and NO ONE gave up there seat. A woman, from the opposite side of the car, saw me, took my hand and gave me her son's seat. In-fucking-credible.

Another time, same scenerio, an older woman pushed me as I was heading down the stairs to make the train. Three men yelled at her. So I guess there isno prejudice when it comes to being an A HOLE

Randi said...

When did society lose sight of common courtesy? It sucks.

Sam said...

Hahahaha! I love her already....Can't wait to meet her!