Friday, October 29, 2010

Haiku Friday

Little Buddy is
Fourteen pounds and ten ounces.
What a little boo!

25 point 5
inches long, a lengthy one.
What a smarty pants!

Four shots yesterday,
she only cried a little,
and me not at all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four Months!!


Thursday List to Do!

Thursday List

Target for RM's party stuff

Target for Cod & Babe's stuff

Dishes - put away clean ones, load up dirites

Pump, one time?

Watch buddy, play together, make sure she takes a couple of good naps

Fresh direct delivery 6-8

Finish presentation about making presentations for work on Friday

Buddy's doctor appt at 2:30 (anybody want to guess how much she weighs? I'm going with 15.7 pounds)

Put away stuff in the bedroom?!

Make chicken in the crock pot for dinner

After buddy's vaccinations, have a beer with Babe. (Soda bar, $3 beers!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy birthday, Sun!

Happy birthday, dude! I hope your day is fantastic and great. Maybe you will decide to come to NYC so Sasha can drool on you and grab your face? (That's what she like to do right now.)

Love you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • Still pretty stolked on our trip back to the Biggity Biggity Oakland. It was so nice to see the pals and the parentals. I got all teary eyed when the buddy met Samoi. It's just too cute!!
The Bad
  • I'm on gross antibiotics for my tooth problem. Stupid CVS filled the prescription wrong so I ran out of them before the week was up, and had to take a break in taking them! I hope my teeth don't fall out.
The Ugly
  • I've got a cup of coffee in my office in my cute Buddy Mug that has been there since earlier this week and now needs to be either cleaned or put into a science lab.

Monday, October 25, 2010


  1. First time I've ever missed Haiku Friday
  2. Little Buddy is Seventeen weeks today! She turns four months on Thursday!
  3. We took her on flights three and four this weekend. We took her to Oakland and saw a lot of our pals. Hooray! She did great on the flight to San Francisco, and the flight home was fine, too. She was a little fussier, but we had a seat between us (THANK GOD) so everything worked out well. It's such a journey to get home from the West Coast. We left the hotel at 645 am and got home at 645 pm.
  4. Went on our first date in four months because my parents came up and we went out to dinner. That was super freakin awesome.
  5. Hung out with BFF and her baby, Queso, this past weekend. He's very little, about half the size of my buddy and half as old. There were three babies, total, and one pregnant lady (20 weeks!) so it was very much a portrait in stages.
  6. Back to work - lots to do! Taking three days off for a conference leaves you sort of overloaded.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sad Keanu

I was reading my trusty NY Magazine on the train yesterday and came across this Q&A with Keanu Reeves where the writer tells Keanu about the internet phenomenon of Sad Keanu.

Apparently the top picture on the right was snapped and all of a sudden became an internet sensation. People all over the place started photoshopping sad Keanu into various pictures and places.

Here's a few funny ones.

Unfortunately a lot of them feature cats so go ahead and just google "Sad Keanu" if you're as grossed out by cats as I am.

Monday, October 18, 2010


  1. Sasha is sixteen weeks old today! She's such a little champion!
  2. Work is so very hard. Sometimes I would like just not work anymore. Where's the number in that? I've been here for 8 years that's 1 too many, I think.
  3. This past weekend, I had a shower for my friend who's having not one but two babies! Hooray! I made two quiches and a delicious fall fruit salad, which I think you'll enjoy. Recipe to follow later this week.
  4. Watched a couple of baseball games this weekend, too. It was a bad sports weekend all the way around, though. What with the California Golden Bears playing like they were blindfolded.
  5. Yesterday we took it super easy. Went to the German Beer "Garden" in our neighborhood and also to Habana Outpost for a couple of Sixpoint Sweet Action! Hooray for lovely fall weather.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Haiku Friday

A nor'easter is
blowin through town this weekend,
chilly and windy.

Lots of sports to watch
Baseball playoffs, go yankees.
Cal & USC.

Hosting a shower
for my pal tomorrow. She's
having twinsies. Wow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday To Do List

  • Health food store for: Nettles Tea & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Grocery Store
  • Meet up with Vanessa?
  • Take a couple of walks before it rains
  • Take a nap?
  • Make sure the buddy gets some good naps in
  • Comment on SR's contract for work
  • Order Fresh Direct for work
  • Walgreen's for Saline Drops
  • Make something good for dinner
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Fresh Direct Delivery
  • Call Ma

Grocery List

Pie Shell



Ingredients to make something good for dinner


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I have to go to a seminar in Long Island City which should be interesting but I don't really care, so I don't really want to go.

What it means, practically, is that I can't go feed my buddy at lunch and that I have to pump in some random bathroom in Long Island City. Sigh.

I also found out my day care lady is microwaving the breast milk I leave her. Everything I've read says you can't do that. Does it matter? You better believe I'm spending the 8 minutes I have at my desk (while pumping, of course) to google that.

Last night my buddy slept from 9:15 to 4:00. Thank you little buddy.

At five today, I'm taking the buddy with me when I go talk to a group of students about studying abroad. Should be funny and cute. She's getting so big, you guys. She loves to sit up and she really falls asleep a lot easier now.

I also wonder how much each of her cheeks must weigh. Probably a couple pounds each. Hahahahaha.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good, bad and ugly

  • The housekeeper is at the pad, cleaning it up! Since I'm hosting a shower this weekend that's a welcome treat.
  • Little Buddy sure did wake up a lot last night! 2am, 3:30am, 5 and 6! DANG. Mama is tired!
  • NY is getting SERIOUSLY ugly right now. We've got a homophobic candidate for governor who's talking a lot of shit in the middle of a serious rash of hate crimes. Enough is enough, people. The year is 2010. If you have a problem with people being gay, you're an idiot. There. I said it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Car Trip!!


  1. Little Buddy is fifteen weeks today. I bet she's about fifteen pounds, too! Ha!
  2. We went to Connecticut this weekend to stay in my boss's country house. It's about 70 miles away. It took three hours to get there and about two to get back. Princess Howler Monkey really hated the first hour on the way there, then slept for the next two. On the way home, she was happy the whole way. While in the country, we mainly chilled out, took a walk in the town, listened to the Cal game on the radio. Sort of old-timey, except the radio was streaming through the world wide web.
  3. It's my fourth week back to work. I'm definitely getting used to it. I really like the nanny so that helps. I think about the buddy all the time, though. I think that's okay, too.
  4. I checked out "restorative yoga" yesterday at my old yoga studio, Bend and Bloom over on Fifth and Sackett. Man, it sure was restorative. You basically do pose after pose of chilling out. Right now it's only once a month but I will be going each time it is offered. It was like packing a whole night sleep into an hour and a half.
  5. I really need a manicure. It's been at least four weeks.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Haiku Friday

Fall weekend is here.
We're off to Connecticut
to take it easy.

Taking the buddy
to a pumpkin patch because
it's too freaking cute.

Picking some apples?
Admiring some leaves, perhaps?
Should be wonderful.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thursday List

  • 9:30 Call with Sarah
  • Laundry
  • Test my strength, endurance and chutzpah by making a trip to Target
  • Go through bags of clothes
  • Make list of board members?
  • Get ready for CT
  • Sasha's Halloween costume
  • Love up the buddy and take care of her, making sure she gets good naps.
  • Mail in recalled Similac
  • Take it easy
  • Make two lasagnas, freeze one! Need a few things.

Target list:


Swiffer Pads

Murphy Oil Soap Wipes - behind the column

Milk storage bags


Black Garbage Bags

Frame for Nava's pictures

Frames for desk at work?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Voting Republican

Good, bad and ugly - MTA version

  • Princess Buddy really likes the train. When she's awake, she looks around at all the peeps who can't resist her smiley face. When she's sleeping, the rocking of the train helps keep her sleeping on the way to work. We walked this morning to the C train, because without trying I always leave the house at exactly the same time on Wednesdays and Fridays and always just miss the G. It was a beauty of a morning, crisp and fall like, and Sasha stinkin loves the trees. I love the weather. I think fall is my favorite season.
  • It's pretty bad when the only person who offers you a seat when you're carrying an infant is an elderly lady reading her bible. I didnt' take it. I stood above a young man who was "sleeping" the whole way to Chambers Street. It's hard to be tired, huh?
  • When the buddy was a little more wee than she is now I was on the subway and carrying all sorts of bags. A seat freed up on the corner, the best for me and her so I can have free movement. The guy who was sitting next to that seat slid over into it, just as I was about to sit down. I asked him if I could there and he rolled his eyes and snorted. So I said, fine forget it, it's just that I'm HOLDING MY BABY. Anyways, he watched his little portable DVD all the way home and I stood over him. Sasha had mad gas that day and kept tooting and tooting all over the guy. Good girl.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Extra pics!

These photos didn't make it into the Sasha Week Fourteen album in time. I've since added them, but am afraid people won't go back and check! Here's my little monkey in her fancy stroller! She loves it. What a big girl.
This is me and my little buddy going to work together on Friday.
She looks a little worried, here. I always tell her not to worry! When she is with me or papa everything is going to be a-okay!

Monday, October 04, 2010


  1. My little buddy is fourteen weeks old today! You heard me! Fourteen weeks! What a big girl!!
  2. This weekend we went down to Sunset Park to a pal's studio on 33rd and 3rd Avenue, deep in Sunset Park. This was a trip-out neighborhood, with lots of live poultry for sale and other strange sights. We were visiting a friend's art studio - a friend of mine from CAL that I hadn't see in about thirteen years, until we ran into each other a few weeks ago. He knit a hat for Sasha. Cute.
  3. We had over our pals for dinner who are having twinsies. Two babies!!
  4. We went to Pacific Standard on Saturday and bought our first Growler.
  5. Yesterday, we got the best tacos I've ever had in NYC. We went to a bodega on 26th and 4th Avenue and ordered six tacos para llevar. But we should have ordered fifty because I could have eaten twenty five.
  6. Last night, Sasha woke up at 12, 4 and 6. I like it better when she just wakes up at 4. One day, though, I think she'll go all the way til 6. Babe took the 12, by the way.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Haiku Friday

Having Thursdays off
makes my life one hundred times
more kick-ass people.

I get to take care
of my little buddy. And,
it's cheaper also.

Daycare/nanny costs
about a hundred dollars
each and every day.