Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday to do list

  • Hang out with the buddy
  • Put away the clean dishes and load up the dishwasher
  • Make lunches and go see Babe for lunch
  • Photograph the buddy
  • Put away the new clothes we got from Babe's friend at work for the buddy
  • Do several emails for work - already getting behind?!
  • Get a few ingredients to make dinner. Sirloin and black bean chili with corn cakes?
  • Make sure buddy takes several good naps.
  • Pump.


Randi said...

Today I'm going to attempt to get a shower in while Casey naps and at some point make it to see the elderly prior to my massage. EFF CHORES, MAN!

Word verfication: Shixing. I think that's Hebrew slang for doing a Gentile?

Jessicurl said...

Don't forget:

* Make extra sirloin and black bean chili and corn cakes, pack in dry ice and ship to Oakland.

Or at least send me the recipes!

Enjoy your day at home with the buddy. Q5 Nizzle Drizzle.