Monday, September 27, 2010


  1. Dudes! My girl is 13 weeks old today!
  2. She's on what I think is her second cold? She's all sneezy and congested. She woke up maybe 30 times last night? Okay, probably not that many but it sure felt like it.
  3. The nanny was 17 minutes late this morning. Not good for me, so I was 17 minutes late to my first meeting.
  4. It's raining today for the first of two days I think.
  5. It feels like a long time ago, but the weekend was only yesterday. We went on two stops of a Craft Beer Week bar crawl. We stopped at the Mission Dolores and High Dive. Both had nice outdoor spots. We were with a bunch of people, but more importantly two other babies. Nice to travel in packs when you're with babies.
  6. Sasha met three new people this weekend (well, probably more, but she was only held by three new people). Two pals from Phillie and one landlord from Syracuse.
  7. Day one of week two. So very tired.

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Nancy gurl said...

At that age they are always congested. E was like that for a while. I hope you are getting some good sleep.