Monday, September 13, 2010


Dude! Since we last chatted:
  1. Sasha turned 11 weeks old today! My goodness time really does fly. This is my last week home with her. That stinks.
  2. We took her on her first trip this past weekend. She took her first car ride in the back of a livery cab, her first flight, her first 3 hour card ride, then did it all again on the way home, except she had her first NYC taxi ride on the way home. She was a total champ. The plane didn't bother her at all. The car ride though, not her favorite thing. She's a NY baby for sure.
  3. Sasha met her Great Grama. She's Grama's 20th great grandchild. How about that?
  4. Mom and Dad watched her so me and her dad could get a beer together. We did, but instead of talking to each other we played the video poker machines that were at our station at the bar. We didn't lose much money, a few dollars each. We got to drink a Fat Tire, which as you know they don't sell east of the Mississippi.


Randi said...

Hooray for successful first travels!

Nancy gurl said...

WAHOO!!!!! SOunds like a great trip!!!!

Sam said...

MMMM...Fat Tire. At least you have Coney Island Lager out there. You are gonna love the Speakeasy-Prohibition when you come out here next month...word.