Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Since we last chatted:
  1. Sasha turned ten weeks old! Ten!
  2. Babe had a three day weekend and we had a really nice time every day.
  3. We tried to go to Governor's Island but the line was like and one hour long to get to the island. Forget that! We instead hung out at Brooklyn Bridge Park which was absolutely gorgeous.
  4. We took Sasha to watch her first CAL game at the Pacific Standard. It was fine for the first half but it was a little too loud, so we left. Everyone cheers every time CAL scores (naturally!) but the final score was something like 50 to 3, so that was a lot of cheering. We need to get those big headphones for her.
  5. Enjoyed the heck out of the 70 degree weather all weekend long. Took walks, slept in (which means sleeping til 8 or so, HA!), and loved up Brooklyn.
  6. Went to Ditmas Park for the first time, checked out the Sycamore bar where there were plenty of babies!

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