Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Nanny

The nanny came yesterday to do a half day with me, so I could get used to her and also so Sasha could meet her.

How dramatic.

She is a very nice, capable woman. She came, and I handed Sasha to her and immediately started bawling. Then, she took Sasha for a walkie, and I basically cried the whole first hour they were gone. Thank god my sibling called when she did because I was quickly deteriorating.

I had a task, to get through my closet and put away all of the maternity clothes and refill my closet with work clothes. I kept at it and it got done.

Eventually they came home and I stopped crying.

Next week is going to be super, duper hard.


Ang said...

Dude-remember what I texted to you yesterday. That sweet girl is NEVER leaving you. This is just a first step of many steps. You will be fine! I wish I could be there to help you out!

Randi said...

It's hard at first but soon it will be a celebration when you are able to leave your wee lass in the capable hands of someone else.

Nancy gurl said...

It totally sucks at first, but trust me, you will end up loving the (almost) balanced life. One thing is for sure--Sasha knows who is number one in her life and that is YOU. No one replaces mommy, NO ONE.

Jessicurl said...

Thinking about you during this rough transition! If anyone can do it all, it is The Lovely and Talented Caroline Bhalla.