Thursday, September 16, 2010

Misc. Items

  • I took the buddy to have lunch with her papa yesterday in the City. We ate at the Biryani Cart in midtown, previous vendy winner. We had some pretty delicious Chicken Tikka Masala over rice, which we ate in Bryant Park. Then we took the buddy to Babe's work so he could show her off. She coo'd and smiled on cue.
  • Then I took her to JCPenney's to buy her some pants. Heh. Tiny pants. I haven't bought her a thing since she was born so it was really fun to look around at all the tiny clothes. We've been given so many clothes that I didn't really need anything but I did need some soft, tiny pants since it's turned fall here. (Finally, thank god.) JCPenney's is kind of awesome. Clean and uncrowded.
  • Later in the day we went back to Pacific Standard to see if they had more of that delicious missionary-style sixpoint. They had it on cask, but it wasn't as delicious. I mean it was good, but not as amazingly delicious!
  • Things are going buck-wild in NYC politics. Some crazy racist, Carl Paladino, is the republican nominee for governor? I guess he's a tea-partier. I sometimes wonder a lot about the citizens of this state, but why should it be any different here than anywhere else?
  • Thanks for all the encouraging words yesterday, peeps! We're going to give it the old college try. I just think 12 weeks is too little to have to leave your baby with people who aren't family members. She's so very small. But I won't talk about it right now because we have today together.

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