Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good
  • I think we've figured out our childcare situation for my wee buddy when I return to work in just a week and a half. I'm confident that we've made good choices and feel like she'll be with good people who will take good care of her.
  • I made a peach pie yesterday. It sure is delicious! Not too pretty though. Ha!
  • Going to get a haircut today in the big City. Taking my little monkey with me, and Solanasuarus has volunteered to come hold her while my locks get snipped. I remember doing this for Sun when the Nav was about my buddy's age. Should be interesting. I mean fun.
The Bad
  • My little buddy woke up at least one more time than usual last night (11:30, 2:30, 4:00, 5:00...) and I am tired. One of them (the 2:30 one) was totally my fault. I mean totally. I had this crazy nightmare that I can't even described and kicked my leg out and kicked the bassinet which is next to my bed. Dangit.
The Ugly
  • What is with this guy who wants to burn the Koran? Can we try not to piss off the world even more than they already have? If he does do it, which it seems like he is going to, I think no one should film it or talk about it or photograph it. I mean, he's probably planning something, but I don't think anyone else should take notice of it. It's just one crazy fucker in the middle of Florida, right? Let's not make it a bigger deal than it is.


Randi said...

Saw The Ugly on the news last night. That dude's a pastor or preacher. Religious zealotry is BS no matter who or what you believe.

Ma said...

Stop waking up my grand baby at 2:30AM!

Agree totally on the part about the Koran.

Can`t wait until Friday.
Love, Ma

Solanasaurus said...

Mission accomplished!