Thursday, September 02, 2010


You know I'm not really into conversations about what's fair and what's not. A quote I like from one of my little vampire books goes something like this:

"Fair? Fuck fair, what are you, five?"

But here's what I have to say. This weather? It's just not fair people. We are in the fourth day of our fifth heat wave this summer. Technically, since my baby was born. That means out of the 68 days that my baby has been alive at least twenty of them have been over ninety degrees. That's a freaking lot. I mean, good for her she'll be well adjusted to the climate should we choose to spend our life living in the freaking desert.

Don't get me wrong. It could be worse. We do have AC in our apartment, but on days like yesterday when it is 96 out and 80% humidity our little AC is just no match. You feel like a little egg frying in the living room.

We're taking a walk this morning before it gets too hot. And we'll take one again in the evening when it cools down some. But man oh man, this is getting so old.

I really hope the last two weeks (YEAH YOU HEARD ME), the last two weeks of my maternity leave are full of comfortable fall days and me and my buddy can stroll unfettered through the streets of Brooklyn.

The End.

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Jessica said...

sasha's a summer babe, so that means pool parties in the future! pool parties are the best birthdays. as a winter baby, I'm totally jealous