Monday, August 30, 2010


Here's the situation:
  1. Sasha turns 9 weeks today. My little buddy.
  2. She also had her two month birthday on Saturday.
  3. We went to 67 Burger on Saturday with some pals and ate a delicious burger and drank a delicious beer.
  4. We bought our tickets for our Christmas trip. I hope this is the last time we need to fly anywhere at Christmas. Set us back more than 1,000 dollars.
  5. Went to our pals house on Friday night. Stayed out til like 9:30 p.m. You got that right. 9:30! Late night.
  6. Watched two Yankee games.
  7. Went to the Hot Bird for Amy's last night in NY. She's been here for six years and is moving to London.
  8. Got four or five mosquito bites at a backyard BBQ on Sunday.
  9. Only talked to one member of my family. This is not the norm.


MIL said...

hmmmmmmmmmm #4 sounds almost as bad as our june trip to Brooklyn except we drove and still spent almost $2300 for the whole trip!

Babe said...

But I'm sure it was worth every penny, right???

Randi said...

I really wish airfare didn't have the power to send one into poverty. Amen.