Monday, August 23, 2010


  1. Princess turns 8 weeks old today. My little buddy. She is such a good girl. She sorta has a routine now where she sleep for five hours at night, wakes up to have a snack, then sleeps for another three. I like this.
  2. Today is "unseasonably cool." It is in the 70s. I could almost cry I am so happy.
  3. This weekend, we went to a one year old birthday party. They said no presents, so we didn't bring any. Felt weird but when I say no presents, I really don't want presents. We brought beer. Happy birthday, kid.
  4. Played cornhole on the FC terrace and realized that our little baby girl is on a different team than me and her dad. She was born on the east coast, so plays for the east coast census region. What a trip. Her team won - but we only played one game. Need a rematch.
  5. Looks like I found childcare for two days a week. Now need to find it for another two.
  6. I finished my first book since having my baby - I read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Terrific!
  7. Went to the pacific standard yesterday for an IPA or two. So delicious!

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Nancy gurl said...

I am going to do a no presents 1st birthday/holiday bash!!! Hope you can make it. Sleep is coming--told ya so!!! Friday breakfast?