Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello, Monday my old friend. Here's what's been going on:
  1. Sasha turns SEVEN weeks old today. How you like that? Little buddy smiles a lot and likes to grab on to things.
  2. She's, for the last two or three nights, slept for four hours in a row!
  3. This weekend, we went out with four or five friends to Washington Commons for a beer or two in their lovely backyard. That was really fun. Princess just had a bottle, no beer.
  4. Friday, I took the little buddy to Mommy and Me yoga at the Bend and Bloom. It was an hour and a half class and I probably got about 40 minutes of yoga on. Not bad, to be sure.
  5. We also went to Manhattan for happy hour at my work on the terrace. That's Buddy's fourth trip to Manhattan and I can probably stop counting them now.
  6. Last night, Babe and I watched a couple of innings of the Yankee game at the Black Swan over in Bed-Stuy. We lost 1-0 to the KC Royals. Look at us, getting out all over the place!

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