Thursday, August 12, 2010

Niagara Falls

My sibling is in Niagara Falls right now. Ever been? About five years ago, me and Babe were in a wedding in Buffalo, NY. We took that opportunity to drive over to Niagara with frequent blog commenter Solanasaurus. We ate at the spinning restaurant that overlooked Niagara. We also went into some shady mall/casino since we had nothing to do.

The falls are kind of awesome. The surrounding area is kind of a dump. These are my thoughts. You should probably go though, if you have a chance.

I always think of Scrooged, the movie, when the ghost of Christmas past is talking about someone seeing his past and in this crazy accent he says, about the guy crying, "Niagara Falls." You'd have to know the movie for that line to make any sense. Chances are, some of you do.

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