Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Babies and TV and random stories, oh my.

All my stories are about my baby or about TV shows. I wonder how long this will last? Maybe forever?

Sasha eats like a champ now, so the next thing to worry/think about it sleep I guess.

I've been watching Veronica Mars as my new way to pass the time. It's a great show - ever seen it? Ever heard of it?! I hadn't. It was filmed in San Diego and features the gal who played Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). Other than that, it's a teen drama mystery series. What else do you need to know?

Yesterday was my brother in law's birthday. Happy Birthday, Ranaldo! See you tomorrow.

In other news, it's super hot here again. Supposedly this won't last, but I know not to believe anything they say anymore.

I have a bum tooth that I have to get fixed. That sucks more than the usual amount because I have a newborn. Why does that make a difference you might ask? Because I am her food source and if I go away it will be complicated. But, some people go back to work at six weeks (can you imagine? I cannot.), so I think we should be okay.

I haven't read anything in weeks. I keep putting the NY magazine on my little table but have failed to get more than a few sentences in. I read about some kid named Jason Bieber who the teenyboppers are mobbing the streets for. Never heard of him.

My niece and nephew are watching The Wizard of Oz. Not right now. Last night, and they'll finish it tonight. What a classic! I've seen it about a hundred times. Probably more than that. Scary, though. Those flying monkeys freak me out. Not like my little tiny monkey, Sasha. She doesn't scare me at all.

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Ang said...

Sorry about your tooth dude. Just got a crown on mine...$250 smackeroos! Glad you guys are having fun. Give my nieces and nephews a kiss from me!