Thursday, July 29, 2010

You young moms...

Here's who I want advice from:
  • My parents. Mike's parents.
  • My sisters.
  • My friends who have had kids.
  • The doctor.
Here's who I don't want advice from:
  • Strangers
Yesterday, I was in the elevator with Babe on our way from the City. (Totally successful trip, by the way!) My neighbor said to me, oh how old is your baby? I said one month today (proudly, I said it). She said, "Well, you better feed her enough. You young mothers, today, you never want to feed your children. What you do is, when she is two months old, just put a little cereal in her bottle. She'll sleep all the way through the night." Shaking her head, she left the elevator.


Yesterday morning, in the grocery store, this older Caribean lady said to me, "You got a baby in there?" (points to my pack). I said Yes, I do. She said, well you better not let her get too cold. I said I will not. Thank you very much.


MIL said... sounds like it hasn't changed at all since i had lil babe and brian!! i had some old lady chew me out for having such a young baby out at the neurosurgeon's office....ahhh excuse me but it's HIS appointment we are here for!!!

BTW...i would ONLY give advice if asked for from you guys :), i do not want to be the MIL from HELL, i had my own.

Ang said...

Don't listen to those women dude. I think you are doing fine with Sasha girl. I second with MIL said. I would only give advice if asked. Otherwise, I keep my big mouth shut, and just try and be a good auntie!

Ma said...

That`s funny, Cod, Remember when we were in the elevator in your apt with Sasha and that man, a stranger, said "that baby is hot in there" (in the pack).

Randi said...

When I have my son, I am so gonna boss you around. LOL
Eff those crazies, Codfish. You're doing a great job.

Nancy gurl said...

never put cereal in the bottle

signed a (new) mom

ps--I lied about the free advice, I just gave ya some:)

MIL said...

i totally agree with not put cereal in the bottle....okay, i lied before...I AM giving you advice! :)